Wednesday, June 25, 2014

When the temperature was ridiculous.

Some days, weeks, and even entire months science doesn't go according to the nice and neat plan.  I tend to share some of the exciting and fun things that happen around here, but not all days are quite so joyful.

Instruments break.  Clean labs break.  Meters for measuring pH break.  Sometimes they all decide to break at the same time.  Welcome to May and June of 2014 in the Baxter lab!

This is the reading on the thermometer in the clean lab today (Photo credit to my labmate Jamie Kendall!)..... read that right.  It's 95 degrees (Fahrenheit) in the clean lab. The clean lab is supposed to be at a tightly controlled 68 to 70 degrees F in order for chemistry to continue!  Luckily, I could spend the day paper writing and crossing my fingers that the new air conditioner gets installed on the roof via crane soon!

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