Sunday, December 4, 2011

Boston Common Lighting and a Gingerbread Girl

Thanksgiving is now over and December is here!  Sorry I did not have an adventure to share with you last weekend, but I was away from Boston and home in the Midwest with family.  Plus pictures of me while Black Friday shopping from Thursday at 9PM until well into Friday just weren't going to make it onto the blog. lol.

Boston welcomes December with the lighting of Boston Common on Dec. 1st of each year.  I talked Elise into accompanying me, we bundled up in our bright, color-coordinated winter weather gear, and set off to see the tree.  We arrived a little before 7 and joined the crowd gathering on the Common.  There was a stage set up and we enjoyed entertainment from musical groups, the Rockettes,  and members of the Boston Ballet.  The show was super cheesy and included a giant Frosty the Snowman and dancing Reindeer and lots of Christmas music.  The tree is a large spruce tree donated by Nova Scotia.  Evidently in 1917 a huge explosion rocked Halifax and Boston rushed to their aid.  In return Nova Scotia has been sending Boston a tree each year for about forty years.  As the tree was lit, the city sets off fireworks and immediately after everyone joined in Christmas carols.  This is definitely a cheesy, super fun way to welcome December and we have already made plans to attend again next year!
The lit Christmas tree on Boston Common
Since December is here, it's also time for Christmas parties!  I attended a holiday costume party across the river on Saturday night.  I went dressed as a gingerbread girl in a dress and hat I painted myself.  So much fun!
me as a gingerbread girl

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