Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Adventures of GeoKate!

I got mail today in my box at school.  I LOVE getting mail, but especially when it is birthday mail from one of my best friends.  Inside the envelope I found some fun birthday notes and cards and then all of a sudden I spotted this masterpiece:
Cover Page for the Comic "The Adventures of GeoKate!"
Not only am I outfitted as a super-hero geochemist (complete with my awesome purple/blue lab clogs, rock hammer, and stylish face shield to protect my face from hydrofluoric acid), I also have the power of flight fueled by reading journal articles.  Knowledge is power, after all!  (Is there really ANY question why she's my best friend?!)

You better believe this went straight up on the wall in my cubicle.


  1. Do you remember when I dyed it bright red? I assumed that's what she was going for...although I might look really awesome in my clean lab gear with pink hair.

  2. Nice drawing, the hammer look like your weapon :)